Mask Dance 

ACT I 2016

European Release: 14/Oct/2016

Yoon Jeong Heo - Geomungo; Korean traditional zither
Jean Oh - guitars, FX
Aram Lee - Daegeum, Yanggeum
Min Wang Hwang - Ajaeng, Janggu, Percussions

Produced by
Yoon Jeong Heo
Executive producer - Myung Kuk "Victor" Kye

What Black String have achieved remarkably on this album 
is to extend the tonal palette of the traditional instruments, 
the range of colours and timbres is quite mesmerising. 
In “Flowing Floating” - inspired by Esbjorn Svensson Trio‘s version of 
“The Face Of Love“ - Heo creates a drone sound by using 
the combination of bow and loop pedal. In “Mask Dance", 
Lee experiments with unvoiced breath on the daegeum, 
producing a sound which is both contemporary and visceral. 
Jean Oh brings a whole range of guitar-sourced sounds and 
pure electronic sounds, notably atmospheric popping sounds 
like falling raindrops at the start and the conclusion of 
“Growth Ring.” Heo uses the bow again towards the end of 
“Strangeness Moon” to create unforgettable other-worldly harmonics 
on the borders of spiritual silence.